Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lessons from a beach


I just came back from vacation the other week and it was simply amazing because (Disclaimer this part looks like I'm bragging - but that isn't my intention, I hope....):
  1. I needed time away - even though I love the people I work with and like my job sometimes it weighs heavy on your heart
  2. I needed a week away from technology - do you know how refreshing that is?!  You get to connect with 'for real' humans
  3. Most Importantly, I took away lessons that I really want to apply to my real life (really? on vacation?! YES!)
Contrary to the title, the beach didn't speak up and teach me anything in particular (more I was trying to think of something creative and perhaps it's a slight fail :) but living my life near one made all the difference in the world.

Want to know what I learned? No? Too bad here it comes anyways - Thats what she said? lol

  • FOCUS - life is mixed with things and people pulling you in different directions BUT on the beach I made it a mission to finish my book - I was so god damn determined that poof - book finished! Making a decision to put your energy on one thing and cut out all the other white noise really helped me accomplish what I wanted
  • Plan your week - I wanted to make the most of every day from my vacation so we planned out our excursions our a la carts and our nights out days in advance...Why don't I do that when I'm back home? 
  • The day doesn't end at 5:00 pm - After a long and hard day tanning (or attempting to) on the beach we got back to the room and napped, got ready for dinner, had a great dinner with amazing conversation, walked around, watched a show and went dancing...EVERYDAY (the lesson here, TAKE advantage of the time you have - people say life is short because they cut it that way)
This last lesson I take away from every vacation but worth mentioning now as a simple reminder:
  • Live in the moment - Enjoy the time in the sun, enjoy your lunch, have fun with the company you have - live in the present, time is so precious why waste it?
I'm so happy (read: lucky) I got a chance to re-energize and relax. I hope I actually apply these takeaways to my real life - imagine that, live life like a vacation :)


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