Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Am I being too negative?


I was hanging out at the gym today trying to sweat away my crummy mood (having a sort of meh day) and then a thought occurred to me - Am I being too negative!?

There are certain values or I guess "missions" I have in life that I try to abide by:
  1. Always Smile!  a) because there is always a reason to and b) it makes you instantly happy
  2. Don't take things too personally or too seriously - it always great to have a sense of humor and to know that not everything (or more precisely nothing) is about you; and
  3. You have the most control of things when you realize - you cant control anything
I'm very proud of those statements and I really do try my best to live them everyday.

BUT this week (this day more specifically) I found myself saying:
  • ugh...I need a vacation I'm so bitter
  • GAWD i'm huge what the hell
  • I'm in such a bad mood god I'm tired
And then I thought - those are probably the most self fulfilling prophesies out there.  I am in a bad mood because I say it outloud and if I say it outloud it HAS to be true - NOT COOL!

I have no clue what got me here but it needs to end, I think typing out this post helps - also the fact that I'm taking a vacation from work soon will help (duh! :). BUT more importantly I think the self awareness helps.

SO my mission for this week is to abide by my missions *fingers crossed*

Peace out!

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